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11 January 2010 @ 11:47 pm
friends only.
comment/add me if you're serious about wanting to get to know me.
sporadic rants, school life, friendships, fandoms and issues.
that's a little glimpse into my life, if you wanna. friends?
audiokidds asianelle ikameshii

music: Akanishi Jin - Care
I'm such a dork, I went through a Vampire Knight craze over the manga and then anime last week, I later ended up making an amv for it. LOL  I think it's alright, it's the first thing I made with iMovie but I'm looking forward to making drama fanvids when I'm bored.  All reading week I just rested because I was recovering from surgery.  It only took an hour, and everyone was really nice at the hospital

Anyways, I'm sharing my Vampire Knight amv on my lj because I'm cool like that. ;)  Tell me what you think haha or if it makes any sense.  And of course it's Yuuki x Zero, but a kind of depressing take, ps I didn't use Evanescence as background music lmao.

24 July 2006 @ 11:00 am
It's colour coded and PV is included as usual, so you can sing along to Kame's hot voice, oh and Pi's too I guess. lol  Please , correct me if I'm wrong.  Oh, and here's an mp3 download of this song, if you don't have it yet, which I HIGHLY doubt.  AND I went back and added download links to my past lyrics post.  Go check for them, if you haven't got those songs yet.  Shuji to Akira - Seishun Amigo
Why am I doing this? lol Y'all probably know the lyrics by heart alreadly.  I DO.
Credits here

music: Joseph Arthur - In The Sun
15 July 2006 @ 06:26 pm
KAT-TUN - Real Face Romanji Lyrics

PV included & Colour Coded, it's Kame's Version cuz he's my favorite. lol  If you see any mistakes, please inform me.  Credits here.
EDIT:  I uploaded the mp3 for those who actually see this.  KAT-TUN - Real Face

music: Rilo Kiley - Portions of Foxes